System requirements for Windows 12 set by Microsoft

windows 12Microsoft has announced that the system requirements for upgrading to Windows 12 have already been established. The company will require its users to have TPM 2.0 for the upgrade, while also increasing the RAM requirements to 8 GB. Microsoft has stated its desire to have as many people as possible on Windows 11, provided they have the correct hardware. The company imposed specific system requirements for Windows 11 at launch, and it is likely that Windows 12 will have similar restrictions.

According to the German website Deskmodder, the security requirements for Windows 12 will be the same as Windows 11, which means a machine will need TPM 2.0 in its processor. The minimum RAM requirement may be more stringent, with Microsoft opening Windows 12 only to devices with 8 GB or more memory.

Finally, the report indicates that Microsoft is considering the possibility of requiring specific processors, although this decision seems to still be under evaluation within the company. Microsoft has also announced that it intends to leverage Artificial Intelligence in Windows 12, starting with the already-present Bing Chat in the taskbar of Windows 11.

Windows 12 is expected to be released by the end of 2024, and Microsoft wants to be an integral part of the current AI proliferation. In recent months, the company has released Microsoft 365 Copilot for Office applications, Azure OpenAI Service for the cloud, GitHub Copilot X for programming, and Bing Chat with Bing Image Creator. Today, Microsoft Security Copilot was launched.

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