Windows 12: What to Expect from Microsoft’s Latest Operating System

newMicrosoft is gearing up to launch Windows 12, the next version of its popular operating system, following three years of service with Windows 11. While the exact release date has not been announced yet, industry rumors offer a glimpse into what we can expect from the new operating system.

Codenamed “Next Valley” or “Hudson Valley,” Windows 12 is anticipated to heavily focus on AI integration. Microsoft is working towards integrating AI into various native applications, such as photo editing and file organization. This would enable the system to intelligently generate photo edits and assist users in organizing their files more efficiently.

Another significant update will involve the redesign of the lower layers of the operating system to modernize it and enhance security. This update, known as “CorePC,” will enable a more modular Windows, adaptable to every device. Microsoft may even offer a version of Windows without support for win32, allowing access only to Microsoft Edge or the Microsoft Store, for example.

This modular approach will simplify the installation of updates, with the CorePC partition separated from the one containing the Windows folders, Program Files, and user data. These changes could pave the way for a smoother and more efficient system in the future.

Another area of interest in Windows 12 development revolves around gaming. Microsoft is incorporating the best features from Xbox into the operating system, such as the “Quick Resume” feature that allows users to pause games and resume them almost instantly. Additionally, optimized interfaces for portable gaming consoles, like ROG Ally or Steam Deck, may be offered.

An important DirectX update is also planned, potentially integrating a standard API for supersampling techniques like AMD FSR, Nvidia DLSS, and Intel XeSS. This will ease developers’ work and enhance the gaming experience for users.

Since Apple demonstrated in 2020 that the transition to ARM architecture can be advantageous in the laptop world, Microsoft has been striving to achieve similar results with Windows 12. It is expected that Microsoft will offer optimizations for the ARM platform, as suggested by job postings released by the company itself. Furthermore, Qualcomm is preparing to launch a new platform called Oryon, with architecture optimized for PCs and promising greater efficiency. Microsoft may also allow competitors like MediaTek to offer their chips, ending Qualcomm’s exclusivity with Windows.

Windows 12 is envisioned as an update to Windows 11, just as the latter was to Windows 10. However, significant changes are expected to accompany this release. The launch of a new Windows version may also allow Microsoft to modify the minimum technical requirements to run the system. With the release of Windows 11, the company discontinued official support for many PCs, requiring the use of a recent processor. With Windows 12 and the integration of AI-related features, Microsoft may justify support for newer hardware with processors optimized for the new system. Users can test the new system’s features in beta versions by joining the Windows Insider program and using the Canary channel. However, it is important to note that these versions will be unstable, and not all tested features will necessarily be part of the commercial release.

Microsoft’s development of Windows 12 represents a significant step forward in AI integration within operating systems. The new operating system may offer significant advancements in AI integration, modular design, gaming enhancements, and optimizations for ARM. While the exact release date remains unknown, users will have the opportunity to test the new system’s features in beta through the Windows Insider program. As AI continues to grow in importance across all industries, it will be crucial for companies like Microsoft to consider the ethical implications of AI integration and work to ensure that the benefits of this technology are equitably shared.

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